Data Decks

Are you going up for fundraising? Successful pitches should incorporate insights from business data to bolster the company's narrative. A data deck is meant to play that role: tell the story of the company thru numbers.

For day to day operations, being close to the numbers and have a consistent way of measuring business activity, operations, and success is critical to alerting business owners and leaders to take action.

Get started on understanding your company's story through numbers.
Example Charts for Data Deck

Let numbers tell the story.

You don't have to be a numbers person to love data. Data is at its most powerful when it can convey insights and tell a cohesive narrative without overcomplicating concepts.

Marketing Funnel Analysis

Marketing funnel analysis helps to better understand how potential prospects progress through the customer journey from when they visit to when they become a customer. A leaky funnel shows prospects dropping out at higher rates than normal. Ongoing funnel analysis can help show where in the funnel to optimize.

Cohort Retention Charts

Cohort retention analysis shows different groups of users engagement with the product over time based on when their start period. Analyzing cohorts help teams reduce churn and retain customers better.
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