Lean team, moms first.

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Our mission: We're nerds who love tinkering with new technology or solving a hard business problem. We're more comfortable with software than we are with people. We're innately curious and constant learners.

When the world of tech got upended by a bear market and AI advances in 2022, we decided to take the plunge to learn the new emerging tech. Along the way, we hope to build a comprehensive, self-serve knowledge base for creators, founders, and small business owners to build their growth engine, whether it's to gain a following or to monetize a spectacular product.

More about us: We're moms first. We spend more time with our family than we do with our work, and we're happy with that. We are also ambitious individuals with career aspirations outside of our homes, but a start-up career requires too many compromises on our family. We hope to find something that works for both our careers and our families by traveling the path less taken.
Kim Le
Business Operations, Finance, & Go-to-Market Analytics

Intercom - 23andMe - Envoy - TrueNorth

Jennifer Chu
Demand Generation, SEO, Advertising, Rev Ops

QuinStreet - uSell - BrightEdge - TrueNorth

30+ years of combined experience across multiple industries and company stages

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