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Featured Articles

Stay at Home Mom Salary Calculator

How much would a SAHM's salary be if she got paid for everything she does? It's more than you think, but when you break it down, it's also an 80 hour per week job. Here's how we calculate the wages and time.

Business Startup Checklist

Most startups fail, but we can mitigate those reasons with proper planning and following a checklist. We've outlined the fundamental steps to take before you start throwing a ton of money at your venture.

SEO 101: Part 3 (Authority)

Domain authority is a critical pillar of SEO success. The best way to build your domain authority is through quality backlinks, an off page SEO tactic that can take considerably more work but can be highly effective if done right.

SEO 101: Part 2 (UX)

Google rewards pages that promote a good user experience from a click on the search results to the destination page. Pagespeed, accurate title and meta tags and mobile friendliness are all ranking factors that we have the power to optimize on.

Consultant Hourly Rates: How to Charge What You're Worth

New to independent consulting, freelancing, or contract work? Learn to set your rate like a pro. Factor in what employers do when budgeting for personnel. Your rate should reflect the overhead you take on and the risks and responsibilities that shift from the employer to the contractor.

SEO 101: Part 1 (Content)

SEO what? This is the first of article of a series that will walk beginners through the most important SEO fundamentals and give you simple, actionable steps you can take to bring more organic visibility to your site.

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