What is P.O. Box?

A P.O. box is a separate mailbox for people who wish to store mail in a secure location at a fee. They are distinctively addressed and located at post offices. Usually found in a large room with many P.O. Boxes, P.O. Boxes are available for rent to receive or store mail.

What's the TL;DR?

P.O. boxes accommodate small businesses and individuals who do not have a physical address/mailbox but still need a way to receive mail. With 24/7 security and guaranteed privacy, P.O. boxes make it straightforward and manageable to receive mail if a person or company does not have a mailbox or does not want to share their address.

  • P.O. Boxes Issued by USPS: P.O. Boxes are rented out by the United States Postal Service and require monthly payment and identification to rent a P.O. box successfully
  • Benefits of P.O. Boxes: P.O. boxes are highly beneficial to many customers, providing secure, private, and convenient places for customers to store and receive their mail at their leisure.
  • Sizes and Pricing: P.O. boxes come in five sizes with distinct prices to accommodate the extra size and maintenance.
  • Unique Numbering for P.O. Boxes: In order to receive mail, P.O. boxes are numbered, usually 1-5 digits, and require the zip code of the United States Postal Service office under which it is registered.

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P.O. boxes serve as extra space to store smaller-sized items or mail. For about five dollars a month for the smallest size at your local post office, P.O. boxes are easy ways to store mail in a secure location. With a unique address, P.O. boxes are for companies, businesses, or individuals who require special handling and shipping with their items and products.

How to get a PO Box

  • Local Post Office: Apply online for a P.O. Box at your local United States Postal Service
  • Obtain Keys and the Physical Box: Print out the online application. Bring two forms of identification to certify at your local United States Postal Service. You will also need to begin a monthly payment for your P.O. Box.
  • Obtain Address: Once you get the address for the P.O. box, you can use it for personal use, storing and receiving different types of mail.

Who Benefits from a PO Box?

  • Companies: Instead of using a personal or company address, businesses can receive mail at a P.O. box, which allows them to receive their mail in an organized manner.
  • Shared Mailbox: Individuals who share a mailbox with family or others may want a P.O. box to receive their mail promptly and conveniently.
  • Private Operators: A P.O. box offers more privacy and security than regular mailboxes.
  • Travelers: People who travel often and do not have a physical mailbox can receive mail in a P.O. box.
  • Small Businesses: Individuals with startup companies or side gigs can obtain a professional address with P.O. Boxes

Disadvantages of a PO Box

  • Size: P.O. boxes are relatively small, resulting in a fast buildup of mail, which, if not withdrawn in a promptly, may fill up.
  • Payment: Fees and expenses are required to pay for the extra privacy and security of a more privileged mailbox
  • Shipping: Shipping businesses such as UPS and FedEx cannot ship products or items directly to P.O. boxes. These businesses ship items to the address of the local post office, who then ship them off to the P.O. box. This process is complicated and can delay product shipment.

How much is a PO Box for a year?

P.O. Box Prices and Sizes are provided by the USPS. USPS can change the pricing from time to time. Refer to the USPS website to get the most current pricing.

  • XS-Size 1: A 3-inch by 5.5-inch P.O. Box starting at $4.83 a month
  • S-Size 2: a 5-inch by 5.5-inch P.O. Box starting at $6.17 a month
  • M-Size 3: A 5.5-inch by 11-inch P.O. Box starting at $9.17 a month
  • L-Size 4: An 11-inch by 11-inch P.O. Box starting at $13.50 a month
  • XL-Size 5: A 12-inch by 22.5-inch P.O. Box starting at $24.00 a month

How to Send Mail to a PO Box

  • Target Audience: First name and/or last name of who you are sending the mail to
  • Address: City, state, and zip code
  • Address the P.O. Box: P.O. boxes usually have a number, 1-5 digits long; Address the P.O. box as “P.O. Box #####”

Example P.O. mailbox mailing label:

Dr. Smith

Knoxville Mental Health Facility

P.O. Box 227

Las Vegas, NV

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