Vacations with Childcare: Our Top 5 Picks

We all like our escapes, and even more so when we can break from the responsibility of kids. Here are our picks for luxury vacations with childcare options.
Written by
Kim Le
Published on
May 11, 2024

5 Vacation Options with Childcare

Vacations are quick trips to help us break up our daily routine; and do something different. I've always felt recharged and re-energized mentally after a vacation even if they can be taxing. Traveling with kids can be tough, especially flying. If the travel can be tiring, then the vacation needs to be both relaxing and, in our opinion, luxurious.

Everyone’s definition of luxury is different. For me, luxury is:

  • Domestic US travel: I’ve flown internationally as both a young kid and as an adult. As much as I LOVE Nippon Airline’s delicious meals and awesome service, I won’t be taking any kids under 10 internationally if I don’t have to. We stick with domestic trips, where flying can be a (relatively short) breeze with TSA pre-check and Clear.
  • Childcare Accommodations: For moms with young kids, this is the ultimate luxury. Easy drop-off and pick up -- on-site, on-demand, when needed.
  • Beach, Beach, Beach: Nothing defines relaxing vacation like doing nothing on a beach. We love the ocean and beautiful beaches, so it wouldn’t be luxury without a beach.
  • Mom-Friendly Activities: We looking for the hotel or accommodations to have convenient activities nearby. We’re talking restaurants (no cooking please), bars, spa and gym. Shopping, shows, and other activities appreciated but not required.

5. The Nantucket Hotel

Location and Destination

Located on Nantucket island, The Nantucket Hotel is a hidden gem tucked away on this island off the coast of the bay state. The only way to get there is by ferry! That might be a hassle, but that does add to the unique experience offed by this island.

Guests will need to join the Nantucket Club in order to experience all that the hotel has to offer including heated pools, spa & sauna, and of course the kids club (summer only). There are also additional fees for specific services.

Childcare Accommodations

For kids 3 to 12 years old, the kids club runs Monday thru Saturday during summer months aligned with Massachusetts school calendars. Young children would need to have been potty trained to attend. Occasional evening care is provided each week for parents to enjoy a night out while the kids have dinner and have their own activities.

Why We Love It

The Nantucket Hotel gives everyone the quant New England, Cape Cod beach vacation of our memories with the elevated resort experience through its accommodations. The Nantucket Hotel stands out for having something for everyone in the family. We particularly like the fire truck ride for kids and evening smores roasting event for the family.

4. Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Location and Destination

Previously a Ritz Carlton property in Manalapan, Florida near Fort Lauderdale, Eau Palm Beach touts itself as one of only seven resorts in Florida to be top rated by Forbes in both its resort and spa category. If you look at what Eau Palm Beach has to offer, it’s not surprising why.

The hotel boasts a private beach with an array of water sports accommodations, family fun sports like tennis and bike rides, and private cabanas for guests to have the most indulgent beach getaway. Eau Spa boasts 42,000 square feet to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. There are also eight dining options throughout the property so you never have to leave.

Their extravagent beach and spa experience aside, what landed Eau Palm Beach on our list was actually their kids program.

Childcare Accommodations

Open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily, there are two kids club at Eau Palm Beach: Loggers (kids 3 to 12 years old) and Hideaway (teens 13 to 17 years old). For younger kids, the club has a light up peg wall, a virtual beam floor, and a large aquarium. Kids get to learn about the loggerheads, a type of turtle found off the shores near the hotel. There are also occasional parents’ night out offerings, and the facility can be booked for birthday parties. Teens get TV screens, video gaming options, and table tennis. Maybe not the most parent approved accommodations, but sound great for the kids!

Why We Love It

The kids accommodation. It’s surprisingly challenging to find a beach resort in the US with advertised accommodations for kids at their hotels. We absolutely love how Eau Palm integrates the kids and teen programs into their hotel offering’s value proposition and messaging. Which busy mom wouldn’t love to visit the spa while their kids are happily playing?

3. 1 Hotel South Beach

Location and Destination

Located in the more vibrant city of Miami Beach, Florida, 1 Hotel South Beach probably trumps Eau Palm Beach for its location to such a trendy and hip area along the coast. Note that Miami Beach is distinct from Miami.

The hotel offers similar accommodations as Eau Palm Beach but with a more modern, minimalist feel. The hotel's style will strike a chord with young working professionals. For activities, you'll find the beach, a fitness center along with various classes, private cabanas, a spa, and 8 dining options onsite. The drawback is the membership fee required to access all amenities.

Childcare Accommodations

Their Seedling programs provide daily childcare from 10 AM to 5 PM to kids 4 to 10 years old. The hotel, much like other 5-star hotels, offers in-room nanny-style 1:1 care for those in a pinch. Note that only this location of the 1 Hotel provides childcare as far as we can tell.

Why We Love It

As younger parents, the trendy feel of the hotel really stands out. We particularly like its location on Miami Beach. The kids accommodations are not as stand out as Eau Palm or the Nantucket, but the on-demand 1:1 care in addition to the kids club is a huge plus providing parents with the most flexibility.

2. Aulani

Location and Destination

Located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, this Disney resort is the ultimate family beach vacation destination. With light Disney themed activities for the young kids and a resort feel for the Hawaiian vacation, this unique blend makes this a particularly immersive vacation option.

With five pools areas including an infinity pool and a beach, Aulani’s beach-water accommodations rival some of the bigger all-inclusive resorts. There are special activities themed for the Hawaiian experience like Ukelele lessons, rainbow reef swimming with fish, stargazing, and canoe sailing.

There are ten dining options, three of which are quick bite stands great for kids. Two are more contemporary dining options geared toward adult. Like any resort, there are spa, fitness, and similar relaxation accommodations.

Childcare Accommodations

For children aged 4 to 12 years old, Aunty’s Beach House is a complimentary childcare service offered 8 AM to 2 PM, like school. It's located in a Hawaiian-themed 5,200 square foot facility. There’s also a community hall offering activities for the whole family. There are plenty of child designed pools, Disney character experiences, and other family and kid experiences.

Why We Love It

We love Hawaii. Our kid loves Disney. And there's a kids club. Not much not to love (as long as you like Disney). Other beach resorts are adult oriented that tack on kids programming. True to Disney form, this resort is kids first. If your kids love Moana, then this vacation experience is the real deal.

1. Disney Cruise

Location and Destination

Most Disney cruises here depart from ports in Florida, but they have international stops so you'll need your passport. There's a range of destinations and ships to choose.

Like most cruises, the Disney Cruise is an all-inclusive experience that is family friendly with newer ships offering more activities than older ships. Kids will love the kids pools, dessert shop, pizza and chicken tender food stalls. There are many festivities like the sail away party, pirate show, and fireworks over the ocean. Parents will love the in-room kid accommodations like mini tubs and bunk beds. Veranda rooms get their own balcony view. Add to that the gym, spa, whirlpool, and adult-only bars and dining options for the parents. There's something for everyone.

Childcare Accommodations

There are Kids Clubs for all ages. Small World Nursery takes babies as young as a 6 months old. Oceaneer Club takes kids up to 12 years old, Edge is for tweens, and Vibe for teenagers. Some days the clubs are open as late as 11pm for the pajama parties.

There are also kids clubs on the Disney Islands, so adults can hang on their own at the beach.

Why we love it

Everything is Disney themed! From the Disney themed restaurants and broadway shows to Marvel immersive experiences, there’s fun for any age.

An all-inclusive experience where nearly everything (or as much as you want) is planned out for you, the parents. Just tell us where to go, and we'll go. It's like the village we wished we had everyday. All staff, from servers and cleaning to actors and event organizers, are pretty much amazing with kids.

Other Options

International All Inclusive Resorts

If you don’t mind traveling internationally, similar options are available at far more affordable prices in all-inclusive resorts. There are many international resort brands to choose from. For a US brand, Marriott’s all-inclusive resorts in international locations are a good default. Recently Marriott’s Westin brand partnered with CAMP which provides a range of camp-like experiences for kids.

Nannies at 5-star Hotels

If money is no object, a well kept secret is that pretty much any 5-star hotel will provide 1:1 childcare through their nanny service. Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton are two examples.

A Recharging Vacation

We chose the resort properties on this list with the #1 priority of giving moms a break to recharge. An overworked, sleepless mom is a cranky "mom-ster" (speaking from personal experience). These vacations offload the work for moms -- housekeeping, cleaning, and childcare -- while still being fun for the fam. Happy vacation planning!

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