Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom - Part 2: Rent-a-Something

A stay-at-home-mom’s busy schedule make time-intensive side hustles an unviable option. However, if you own a home, a car, or even a closet, then you’ve got options: rent-a-something. constrained by school and daycare drop off and pick up time, make
Written by
Kim Le
Published on
May 6, 2024

For stay-at-home-moms juggling the challenging yet rewarding job of raising a family, making money from home has never been more accessible. The gig economy has introduced an innovative way to generate income that perfectly accommodates the unpredictable schedule of a stay-at-home mom: the rent-a-something model. If you own assets, there's likely someone out there who is willing to pay for their temporary use. This approach to earning is as passive as it gets, blending seamlessly with the daily rhythms of parenting.

Airbnb - Rent a Home

Have you got an extra bedroom gathering dust or an in-law suite that's rarely in use? Consider stepping into the world of short-term rentals with Airbnb. However, it's important to check your local laws regarding short-term rentals, as regulations have tightened. But with the right approach, your unused space can become a significant source of income.

Airbnb home page
Source: Airbnb

Giggster - Rent a Location

If the idea of having someone stay overnight doesn't appeal to you, Giggster offers a unique alternative. This platform allows you to rent out your property as a location for photoshoots and filmings, offering the creative industry a slice of your home's unique aesthetic without the extended stay.

Giggster Home Page
Source: Giggster

Neighbor - Rent a Space

For those uncomfortable with the idea of strangers in their living space, consider renting out storage space with Neighbor. Your garage, shed, or even an unused corner of your yard can serve as a valuable storage option for people in your community, turning empty space into easy money.

Neighbor Home Page
Source: Neighbor

Swimply - Rent a Swimming Pool

Maintaining a swimming pool can be costly, but Swimply helps offset those expenses by letting you rent out your pool by the hour. This innovative approach can turn your backyard into a local oasis for people looking to cool off without the commitment of pool ownership. We know a mom who makes $8K - $9K each summer this way, more than covering the costs of operating and maintaining their pool.

Swimply Home Page
Source: Swimply

Sniffspot - Rent a Yard

Urban living often means compromising on outdoor space, making it tough for dog owners to find places where their pets can play safely. With Sniffspot, your yard can become a haven for dogs, earning you money while providing a much-needed service. Just remember, a good pooper scooper is essential!

Sniffspot Home Page
Source: Sniffspot

By Rotation - Rent a Closet

Fast fashion is out, and sustainable style is in. By Rotation shakes up the scene by allowing you to rent out pieces from your wardrobe. That dress sitting in your closet untouched for a decade? It's potentially your next rental star.

ByRotation Home Page
Source: By Rotation

Getaround - Rent a Car

For those with an extra set of wheels, Getaround provides an easy way to make spare cash. Whether it's a rarely used sports car or a family minivan, your vehicle can be earning money for you when it's not in use.

GetAround Home Page
Source: Getaround

Hipcamp - Rent a Campsite

Even if all you have is untamed land, Hipcamp enables you to rent it out as a campsite. This platform caters to the adventurous soul looking for a new experience, turning your vacant land into a campers' paradise.

Himcamp Home Page

What Can't You Rent? Not Much

Almost anything you own can be turned into a source of income. Get creative, momma! From the land you live on to the clothes you wear, your possessions have the potential to bolster your finances significantly.

For stay-at-home moms looking to dip their toes into the entrepreneurial world, the rent-a-something model offers a flexible and manageable way to generate income. By leveraging assets you already own, you can contribute to your family's finances without sacrificing the time and care you dedicate to your children. Start exploring these opportunities today and discover how your untapped resources can work for you.

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