ChatGPT for Stay at Home Moms

ChatGPT can be a mom’s personal, virtual assistant. From planning meals to suggesting activities for the kids, ChatGPT can brainstorm a wide range of ideas in seconds from the wisdom of the internet. Even when it comes to parenting advice, getting advice from a faceless, nonjudgmental AI seems far more appealing than a real human.
Written by
Kim Le
Published on
March 17, 2024

Last time we explored how to use ChatGPT at work, but what if you don’t work at a corporate job? ChatGPT can be a mom’s personal, virtual assistant. From planning meals to suggesting activities for the kids, ChatGPT can brainstorm a wide range of ideas in seconds from the wisdom of the internet. Even when it comes to parenting advice, getting advice from a faceless, nonjudgmental AI seems far more appealing than a real human.

Besides, teach yourself new skills while you're at home to stay relevant and competitive in the work force. No matter what career field you hope to re-enter into at a later point, enhancing your tech skills can open up new opportunities for higher-paying work.

5 ChatGPT Ideas for Moms to Simply Daily Life

Here are our starting lists of 6 ideas for stay-at-home moms to harness the power of ChatGPT. Help simplify and enhance different aspects of their daily life, while building relevant professional skills.

We’ve added our custom designed prompts to get you started. Prompts tested on ChatGPT 3.5 as of March 2024.

1. Weekly Family Meal Planning

ChatGPT for Weekly Family Meal Planning

Stay-at-home moms often wear many hats. One of them might be the 'family chef.' With ChatGPT, you can think of it as your sous-chef, helping to plan a week's worth of family meals. Ask for recipes that cater to specific dietary needs or help to spice up the weekly menu with new and exciting dishes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Example ChatGPT Prompts for weekly meal planning

  • create a meal plan for a family of three with two parents and a toddler. toddler is a picky eater and family is vegan. include easy recipes.
  • create a meal plan for a family of four with two parents and two teenagers who participate in varsity sports. family loves to eat french and mediterranean food.
  • create a meal plan for a family of four with two parents, an 8-year-old, and a 3-year-old. family likes to eat Chinese food but don’t have time to cook.
  • create a meal plan for single mom working full-time and have two young kids aged 5 and 7 years old. include recipes that require cooking in the microwave only.

2. Personalized Exercise Planning

ChatGPT for Mom and child yoga exercise

Exercise is crucial but finding the right workout regime can be overwhelming. By using ChatGPT, you can curate a personalized exercise plan according to your fitness goals, lifestyle, and physical condition. This can help you maintain an active routine that fits perfectly into your day.

Example ChatGPT Prompts:

  • provide an hourlong exercise program that includes strength training, cardio, and yoga that can be done at home with free weights and resistance bands. focus on glutes and core.
  • provide an hourlong exercise program that focuses on interval training to build cardiovascular endurance.
  • provide an hourlong exercise program that focuses on building stability and grip strength targeted to older individuals to prevent falling.
  • provide an hourlong exercise program for vinyasa yoga with name of poses and descriptions on how to do the poses.
  • provide an hourlong exercise program for strength training focused on upper body strength. no cardio.

3. Mastering the Chore Chart

ChatGPT for streamlining chores for busy moms

Managing household chores and responsibilities can be quite a task. Use ChatGPT to create a comprehensive chore chart that rotates responsibilities and incorporates seasonal cleaning tasks. Add seasonal maintenance reminders and yard care schedules tailored to your geographical location and home setup. It can even help sort out who’s responsible for which task, and when.

Example ChatGPT Prompts for managing chores

  • outline a set of chores that needs to be done on a weekly basis for a family of four comprising of working dad, stay at home mom, kindergarten, and toddler attending daycare. family lives in a condominium in mid-tier city where driving is required to go anywhere. Suggest time to be dedicated on any particular activity and a budget.
  • outline a monthly schedule that covers all the lawn and yard care for homeowners with a small yard and some seasonal trees. include what equipment is needed to perform the tasks, the frequency, and estimated costs for materials.
  • outline set of chores and assigned owners for a family of 5 with both working parents and kids aged 15, 13, and 8. Assign chores predominantly to the kids and provide guidance on how best the children can perform the assigned tasks, what materials to prepare, and what can go wrong.

4. Activities with Children

ChatGPT for kids' activities

Finding activities to keep kids engaged and learning can sometimes be a chore in itself. With ChatGPT, coming up with and planning creative projects becomes easy and fun. Whether it’s science experiments that can be done with household items, arts and crafts projects, or even coding games for kids, ChatGPT can provide step-by-step instructions or ideas that can keep children of all ages entertained while stimulating their creativity and thirst for knowledge. Stay-at-home moms can adjust the complexity of the projects based on the age and interests of their kids, ensuring learning is always aligned with fun.

Example ChatGPT Prompts to get ideas for activities to do with kids

  • suggest nontraditional ideas for daddy daughter date on a warm spring day. focus on activities out of the house.
  • suggest activities for girls aged 10 to do on a playdate while the parents work. no screen time permitted. needs to accommodate 5 to 10 girls. suggest snacks as well. assume playdates last from 11 am to 3 pm.
  • plan a week of activities to keep kids aged 5 to 10 engaged and learning while they are out of school. emphasis on STEAM concepts. easy clean-up and easy setup with household items.
  • suggest mother and teenager son activities. no fortnite or online games. outdoor adventures for athletically inclined.

5. Parenting Advice

ChatGPT for moms to get parenting advice

As if moms don’t get enough parenting advice from unsolicited sources, but having tried it ourselves, ChatGPT’s parenting advice is actually pretty good. It’s no non-sense routine based approach with no admonishing or snide comments, makes it a great parent companion. Parenting should really come with an instruction manual, and we may have found a not so terrible one with ChatGPT.

Example ChatGPT Prompts for parenting advice

  • outline a bedtime routine to help toddler get used to sleeping alone, taking care of the dental hygiene, and encourages reading
  • outline a morning routine to help a toddler start to learn to independently get ready for school. Suggest a time to wake up, breakfast options the toddler can prepare themselves, and what time to leave the house to get to school by 8 AM
  • suggest ideas to help a kid aged 3 to 5 years old deal with sleep regression issues. provide concrete ways to help the child to fall asleep on their own and to go back to sleep if they awake in the middle of the night
  • outline a script for a parent to talk to a young child about the death of a pet in the family
  • suggest daily activities to teach kids about the concept of money. provide stories on the history of currency.

The Good and the Bad with ChatGPT

Bad Input Prompts for ChatGPT:

  • Request for hyperlinks / URLs.
    Most of them return a “404 Error”. This is likely because ChatGPT is guessing what the URL would be as opposed to pulling an existing URL. Some of the time its guesses are correct, but usually not.
  • Geography based requests.
    Some times the response will provide an answer in a different region than requested. Ask ChatGPT to include the physical address, which helps minimize the error in its response.
  • Requests for specific lists of venue names in specific region.
    Some answers are relevant, but usually the response is incomplete (ie missing options).

Good Input Prompts for ChatGPT:

  • Request for ideas, lists, and explanations.
    ChatGPT is good at brainstorming and providing generally directionally useful content. Anything specific tends to perform poorly.
  • Requests for an outline on a specific topic.
    ChatGPT is very good at drawing up a general outline or plan for any particular topic, even at times inserting brackets for placeholder texts so the user can modify accordingly.
  • Asking a follow-up question based on its responses.
    For example, “Explain what X is” where “X” was previously mentioned in ChatGPT’s response. Diving into each aspect of ChatGPT’s response can help build and layer on relevant and useful information from a previous output.

Staying Relevant While Staying Home

These are just starting points to get you started. Being a mom is a busy occupation. Let the power of ChatGPT help reduce your decision fatigue on what to eat and how to handle another tantrum. Dip into all of the parenting advice available on the internet from time to time for ideas on how to handle the innumerable situations that come up on a daily basis on the journey of parenthood.

By integrating ChatGPT into your daily routine, you can enhance your productivity, simplify complex tasks, and free up more time to spend with your family or on personal pursuits. ChatGPT for all its flaws is a free virtual assistant available 24/7 at the tip of your fingers. It's all about leveraging technology to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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